Mike's Navy Civil Engineer Corps Page

Welcome to my page about the Navy Civil Engineer Corps, CEC. Here I will tell you what it is, why I joined, what I hope to do, and give you links to more information.
I'm now in my 2nd year in the CEC. The Navy CEC is the Navy's engineering branch. The three division are; Contract Management (Resident Officer in Charge of Construction or ROICC), Public Works, and Construction Batalion (Seabees). Contract Management oversees construction projects on Navy bases here in the United States and overseas. They act on behalf of the Navy as project managers making sure the the contractor fulfills quality, price, and time requirements of their contract with the Navy. Public Works makes sure the infrastructure (roads, sewers, electricity, etc) on Navy bases works. The Seabees are deployable units that have several roles. One is going in after the Marines in combat and other contingency scenarios and establishing temporary bases, housing, water, roads, etc. Ever since WWII they have played a vital role in insuring our troops could perform their tasks in safety and relative comfort. The other is that they can be called upon to do disaster relief and rebuilding work following a war. The program that I have signed up for, the Bachelor Degree Completion Program, paid me a stipend of $1,800 a month until I graduate and then in return I owe them 4 years as an officer with a starting salary of around $31,000/year. I also built vacation time and time in service while in college. I did't have to drill at all during college, and reported to officer candidate school following graduation. The requirements for this program are a minimum GPA of 2.8 and be able to pass a basic physical fitness test.
I decided to join for many reasons. First of all, I wanted an adventure before I'm too old to enjoy it. The first couple of years as a civil engineer in the private sector are not all that exciting since you are trying to gain experience. The second reason I joined was for the experience I will gain in the Navy. It will allow me to enter the private sector, if that's what I choose, with the experience to get higher level jobs. Many companies that I have talked to look highly upon Navy engineering experience. Graduate schools also take prior military officer experience into their selection criteria. Currently I am looking at working for a private doing post war reconstruction. My Navy experience has prepared me well for this. I feel it would be very rewarding to provide these people with the things that we take for granted here in the US. The third reason I joined was to give something back to my country. Not everyone agrees with me on this, but I feel I owe something back for the freedom and rights that other have given their lives to protect for me. Without the Navy our shipping lanes would not be open, Milosavic's police would still be murdering innocent civilians in Kosovo, or worse yet, we could be living under Japanese or German dictatorial rule from WWII.

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