Some of Mike's Friends

These are just of few of my friends who I have a picture of or have actually had time to put up on the web.

roommate.jpg xmasparty.jpg
My college roommate Grant and the unreal purple monkey Old St. Mike and Vixen.
Overlook 2.jpg fishing.jpg
Me and Heather in West Virginia Fishing with my good friend Mike
sabra2.jpg mclaine2.jpg
My friend Sabra on our Appalachian Trail Hike My friend Mike Mclaine at my Navy swear-in
erinkatherine.jpg prom.jpg
Erin and Katherine waiting to see President Clinton My highschool friend before Junior Prom
ulku.jpg vets.jpg
My friend from Turkey, Ulku WII vets I used to visit until they passed away.
carol.jpg carrie.jpg
My friend Carol Playmate Carrie Stevens at Playboy Mansion