My Wedding

When I arrived in Camp Lejeune in June of 2004 I started to go to the social functions with the Navy Civil Engineers who worked at the construction contracting branch at the base. One of the officers, Heather, seemed very interesting (and I must admit cute) but I was told that she had a boyfriend in California so that put a damper on that. We saw eachother at several other occasions and always had interesting conversations but that's where I thought things stopped. Well several months later we were at a party at someone's house and she leaned over and mentioned to me that she liked me a lot and put her arm around my arm. I figured that this was a good thing. Things went from good to better to great and in July of 2005 I proposed to her on a pier in Wilmington NC. She luckily said "yes". We planned our wedding for May of 2006 since I was going to have to take my Professional Engineering Exam in April. After lots and lots of planning and stressing, the wedding went great. You can see all the great pictures below. We had our wedding in the historic town of New Bern, NC. We went to Charleston, SC for our honeymoon and had a great time there as well. Unfortunately the day before the wedding Heather found out that she was going to be deployed to Djibouti Africa at the end of the month, so we will be separated sooner than we thought. It will all work out great though, I have no worries. Here are some pictures of the wedding, enjoy.

manandwife.jpg escape.jpg
"Man and Wife" "Let's get out of here.

...And at the reception...

cakecutting.jpg guysfun.jpg
The cake cutting. Our friends having fun.

...And on our honeymoon...
.jpg heyward-washington.jpg
As engineers, we picked the crooked hotel. An 1800's earthquake did this. George Washington stayed here.
usatplantation.jpg otherplantation.jpg
One of the neat plantations. Another picture at the plantation.